Services by Corporate Risks India Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd.

Corporate Risks India Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. being a Composite Insurance Broker has the mandate from IRDA to solicit General Insurance, Life Insurance, & Re-insurance plans. Following is a brief description of services provided by us.

  • Risk Analysis & Consultancy: Our panel of experts carry out a 360 degree analysis of the insurable financial risks that our clients are exposed to. Based on this research we chalk-out a plan on how to mitigate these risks, which risks to be retained by the client, and which risks client should get covered. After this we look for the right insurance products with good features which give our clients protection against all imminent financial risks that they are exposed to. Subsequently, we discuss these solutions with our clients and based on their feedback we get them these covers.

  • Insurance Portfolio Management: Our team of Underwriters do a complete analysis of the existing insurance portfolio of the clients. Based on clients business, industry and the external factors that affect its business, our Underwriters propose adequate insurance solutions to them. Our solutions are continually linked to our client’s regulatory and employment related risks also to ensure that our client’s interests are protected with from all possible perils.

  • Re-insurance: As a Composite Broker we also solicit Reinsurance to our clients wherever required. We specialize in Proportional and Non-proportional Treaty, Facultative Reinsurance, Reinsurance Consultancy. Our Directors have got wide exposure of handling Reinsurance Business not only in India but overseas also.

  • Claims Management: As client’s insurance representative to insurance companies we also look after all Claims requests of our clients. We have a dedicated claims set-up which keeps a close tab on all claims intimated by our clients and assist them in getting these settled. We also offer Claims Consultancy to other clients who are facing challenge in getting their claims processed smoothly.

With our experts rich experience of over 50 years in insurance industry, we are able to provide these services effectively to all our clients. If you have any such requirement then we request you to contact us immediately.