Workmen Compensation Insurance / WC

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Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923 and Indian Fatal Accidents Act, 1855 or Common Law necessitates that the Employer must compensate its employees in case of a bodily injury, illness or death as a result of accident at workplace.

At any time during the period of insurance any employee in the insured’s immediate service shall sustain personal injury by accident or contract disease arising out of or in the course of this employment by the insured in the business and if the insured will be liable to pay compensation for such injury or disease then this policy will indemnify the insured company. Workmen Compensation Insurance Policy will also pay for the legal/defence charges to defend or fight such a claim.

Insurance company covers the following expenses related to the risks under Workmen Compensation Insurance Policy

1. Death of an employee
2. Bodily Injury of an employee
3. Illness of an employee

provided these are directly linked with the work that the employee is engaged in.
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Insurance company is going to indemnify the insured for expenses related to the risks covered in Workmen Compensation Insurance Policy.

Following amount is paid in admissible claims.

1. Compensation to employee based on the Workmen Compensation Award Passed by Workmen Compensation Commissioner
2. Legal expenses to defend such a claim

Compensation to employee in WC cases is a factor of his salary, employment tenure, etc.

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The Insurance Company will not be liable to pay for any compensation under this policy if

1. The injury or disease is attributable to war, invasion by foreign enemy, civil war, mutiny, military or rebellion acts.
2. The Insured’s liability to the employees of Contractors
3. Any Liability of insured which attaches because of an agreement which otherwise would not have existed
4. Any sum which the insured would have been able to recover but because of an agreement it did not

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Disclaimer – The policy coverage and exclusions are subject to change from time to time and also depend on insurance company. Please talk to us to know the exact terms and conditions applicable.

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